LCG Treuhand AG Liechtenstein

Founded in Luxembourg in 1989 by bank directors, lawyers, tax consultants and auditors, the LCG is a business consultancy firm.

Since its creation, the LCG has grown steadily and is represented in Liechtenstein by LCG Treuhand AG.

The LCG is a first class consultancy firm maintaining international standards of quality. Through our lawyers, tax consultants, auditors and trustees, we provide our clients with outstanding and professional advice in all legal and tax matters.  Our advice is provided independently by our team of professionals. We place a strong emphasis on the continuing professional development of our team and on staying abreast of all happenings and changes in our fields of expertise.

Our aim is to provide each and every client with the individual assistance required to identify and further their interests.

Our lawyers, tax consultants, auditors and trustees are experts in their respective fields who possess the necessary experience for your project. Our team of experts are professionally regulated, subject to a special duty of confidentiality and are personally liable for their respective activities. 

The LCG itself undertakes no activities requiring a permit. Services offered at the LCG offices in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein which do require a licence or other authorisation in the respective jurisdictions will be provided at the respective offices exclusively by professionals licensed or otherwise permitted to provide the said services. For example, such services include those provided in accordance with the Trustee-, Legal Advice- and Auditor Acts.

We work for you – discreetly, strategically and creatively. Our team of renowned layers, subject to both legal and professional duties of confidentiality, are available to represent you as trustees.

Our offices are equipped with the most modern technical facilities. We operate quickly and can be contacted by telephone at any time Each of our clients has access to our secure communication platform world-wide.