Liechtenstein Hosts Key Tax Talks


During the latest meeting of German speaking finance ministers in Vaduz, the talks focussed on recent developments in the area of taxation and cooperation in tax matters, as well as on current international financial topics.

Underlining the informal nature of the meeting, the Liechtenstein government explained that during the course of the discussions, ministers exchanged views on international financial issues, notably the various challenges currently facing Europe and ongoing projects in the area of financial market regulation and currency stabilization.

Within the framework of the talks, ministers outlined their position on proposed measures intended to overcome and to prevent future financial crises, the Liechtenstein government continued. Austria’s Finance Minister Maria Fekter, Swiss Federal Councillor Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, Luxembourg’s Finance Minister Luc Frieden and Liechtenstein’s Prime Minister and Finance Minister Klaus Tschütscher also debated financial market topics currently under discussion at G20 and European Union level, the government pointed out, noting the unavoidable absence of Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble due to the volcanic ash cloud.

Deepening their discussions on recent developments in the area of taxation and cooperation in tax matters, the ministers also examined America’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

Commenting from the sidelines of the ministerial meeting, Liechtenstein’s Prime Minister Tschütscher emphasized the positive outcome of the discussions. Tschütscher highlighted the fact hat the Principality is one of the few countries in Europe, which on the one hand has no state debt, and on the other is well prepared for any necessary savings course and for new financial market regulations. The country is on a sustainable, forward-looking course, he concluded.