Liechtenstein, Germany Hold Tax Talks


During a recent visit to Berlin, Liechtenstein’s Economics Minister Martin Meyer met with his German counterpart Rainer Brüderle, with the talks focussing on the strengthening of economic ties between the two countries, and on bilateral cooperation in tax matters.

During the course of his inaugural visit, Liechtenstein’s Meyer underlined the close economic relationship between the two countries and the ministers then took the opportunity to announce the creation of a joint government committee for economic affairs.

Discussions centred both on the development of bilateral tax cooperation, as well as on progress made so far in negotiating a double taxation agreement (DTA) between Liechtenstein and Germany.

Liechtenstein’s Economics Minister Martin Meyer highlighted the fact that the principality’s export industry has a key interest in the agreement, given that it will serve to eliminate existing disadvantages for the country’s industry. Meyer also expressed his belief that the legitimate interests of Germany would also be well served by the DTA.

During the visit, a meeting also took place with Germany’s parliamentary Finance Committee where both the state of tax ties and the DTA were touched upon. A further meeting with members of the parliamentary Committee for Economy and Technology was also planned.

Liechtenstein’s Economics Minister was accompanied on his official visit by a high-ranking delegation of the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry.