These Liechtenstein business forms are mainly established in the legal form of an Establishment; a Public Limited Company (PLC., Corp.); a Limited Liability Company (LLC., Ltd.); a Trust Enterprise (Trust reg.); a Trust as well as a Foundation.

Company Formation/Incorporation/Setting up of a Liechtenstein Holding Company

A Liechtenstein Holding Company is the umbrella organisation of a company whose purpose is exclusively or predominantly in the area of the holding and management of investments in other companies. The Holding Company is especially suited as an instrument to secure tax benefits as well as for the outsourcing of operational risks.

Company Formation/Incorporation/Setting up of a Liechtenstein Trading Company

A Trading Company is a Liechtenstein business form in the area of engagement in non-industrial, industrial or other commercial activities. Only companies that intend to become commercially active in Liechtenstein require a trade licence. Companies that are only domiciled in Liechtenstein but are not commercially active in Liechtenstein are exempt from the requirement to obtain a licence.

Company Formation/Incorporation/Setting up of a Liechtenstein Asset Management Company

Liechtenstein Asset Management Companies are companies that exclusively carry out the management of company assets and private assets and conduct no or only very little business in Liechtenstein itself. On account of their qualification as a Private Asset Structure (PAS), Asset Management Companies are subject only to minimum taxation in Liechtenstein.

Company Formation/Incorporation/Setting up of a Liechtenstein Company for Intellectual Property Rights (IP-Box)

In the context of intellectual property rights (IP), a special tax regime applies in Liechtenstein (IP-box) under which proceeds from such IP rights come under preferential taxation. In order to be within the application scope of this preferential taxation, so- called IP Companies are used in Liechtenstein to which the management and exploitation of the intellectual property rights are assigned.

Company Formation/Incorporation/Setting up of Liechtenstein Funds

The Liechtenstein Funds regime was revised through the implementation of the two European directives UCITS-IV and AIFM. Owing to numerous advantages, such as the easy and non-discriminatory access to the European market and a high degree of investor protection, Liechtenstein is a suitable location for fund transactions.

Company Formation/Incorporation/Setting up of a Liechtenstein Family Office

The Liechtenstein Family Office is especially suited to the management of and the safekeeping of large-volume private assets. Its main purpose is the long- term preservation of family assets and it provides, among others, the following services: portfolio management; investment advice; the acceptance and forwarding of orders referring to one or several financial instruments; securities analysis and financial analysis as well as estate planning.